A man who argued with his next-door neighbours over the parking of a burger van suffered life-threatening injuries when he was stabbed at least 16 times outside his home, a jury heard.

Neighbour Nadeem Nawaz wielded the knife, but his mother and sister also took part in the joint attack, Bradford Crown Court was told today.

Nawaz, 25, of Ringwood Road, Canterbury, Bradford, his mother, Fazilat Nawaz, 63, of the same address, and his sister, Shazmeen Nawaz, 32, of Chelwood Drive, Lower Grange, Bradford, have all pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Mohammed Shah, known as Raza.

The jury was told Nadeem Nawaz had pleaded guilty to wounding Mr Shah, 26, with intent, but his mother and sister denied that charge.

Prosecutor David Gordon said all three defendants were involved in an attack with weapons on Mr Shah, who was stabbed multiple times to his chest, abdomen and back, on September 30 last year.

Mr Gordon told the jury: “Nadeem Nawaz was the person wielding the knife and almost certainly caused the stab wounds. But the prosecution says it was a joint enterprise. They were all in it together.

“The mother and sister may later have regretted the extent of the injuries, but they were active and enthusiastic participants.”

The court heard Mr Shah and his ailing mother, whom he cared for with his sister, lived next door to the Nawaz family in Ringwood Road.

There had been petty problems and annoyances for many years and latterly complaints had been made to Mr Shah about where his brother, Wajid, parked his burger van.

Mr Gordon said that some time after 11pm on Sunday, September 30, Mr Shah answered a knock at his door and was confronted by Nadeem Nawaz, who asked why he had sworn at his sister.

As the complainant turned to lock his door, Nawaz stabbed him in the stomach. He pulled out the weapon and repeatedly stabbed Mr Shah while dragging him across the front yard to the road, said Mr Gordon.

He alleged the women then joined in the attack, Fazilat Nawaz hitting the complainant about five times on the back of the head and neck with an implement, while Shazmeen Nawaz also used an implement to hit him on the head and body. It is claimed they then held out his arms to make it easier for Nadeem Nawaz to stab him.

Mr Shah underwent emergency surgery at Leeds General Infirmary.

Mr Gordon said there were a number of witnesses to the incident, mostly other neighbours. Nadeem Nawaz admitted to police he was involved in an altercation but said he used the knife to defend himself.

Fazilat Nawaz denied assaulting Mr Shah and said she saw no weapons. Shazmeen Nawaz also denied assaulting the complainant or using a weapon.

Mr Shah told the jury he thought he was going to die after the attack.

Giving evidence sitting down, because it was still painful for him to stand, he said: “I was gasping for air. I got my mobile phone and dialled 999. I was telling them I had been stabbed by my neighbours and to hurry up. I fell on to the sofa. I thought it was impossible for me to survive.”

The trial continues.