Haworth sculptor Craig Dyson has revealed detailed costings for his planned Tour de France globe.

He wants to ensure that potential funders know the financial nature of the £14,500 project before parting with cash.

He plans to weld 10,000 two-pence pieces into a two-metre diameter sphere containing a figure representing ‘truth over adversity’.

He has asked for cash sponsorship through the website kickstarter.com, and donations of 2ps to his Railside Studios in Belle Isle Road, Haworth.

Mr Dyson said public support had been fantastic but people were not aware of how it was being funded.

He said: “This has no financial benefit for me. Every penny is put into the sculpture project.

“I’m concerned I will not be able to create this piece if the community doesn’t back it.”

He said construction costs included £4,000 for a bronze human figure, £1,150 for a steel skeleton to support the 2ps, and £200 for interior lighting.

The Kickstarter website will take £1,450 – ten per cent of his fundraising total – while £1,500 will go on employment costs.

Mr Dyson has set aside £2,000 in his budget for what he describes as “rewards for backers”.