A young mother wept as she told how she was beaten and raped by a jealous former boyfriend who accused her of sleeping with another man.

The woman said she pleaded with her assailant to stop after he hit her round the head and kicked and punched her before forcing her to have sex with him on the bed at her Bradford home.

Tariq Adalat, 32, pleads not guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and rape on a night in May, 2012.

Prosecutor Simon Kealey told Bradford Crown Court yesterday that Adalat, of no fixed address, denied the alleged attack took place at all, saying he was not at the address.

Mr Kealey accused him of acting out of jealousy after he had been in a relationship with the woman.

The jury heard that the affair had ended and Adalat and the woman had no contact with one another for months until he came into her place of work.

They began seeing each other again but he accused her of having sex with a young man she had been out for a few drinks with.

The woman’s videotaped interview with the police was played in court while she sat behind a screen watching it.

In it, she said Adalat dragged her down the road and kneed her in the stomach after her innocent evening out.

He later called round at her home and they argued about where she had been the night before.

She said he followed her upstairs and struck her across the face in the bathroom.

She heard a buzzing sound, was unable to hear properly and was later diagnosed with a perforated eardrum.

The woman said Adalat kicked and punched her and she was curled up sobbing on her bed in her nightclothes.

He then grabbed her by the throat and got on top of her as she was saying: “Please, please don’t.”

She said he had hold of her hands and was hitting her in the face with them.

Afterwards, she felt cold and sick.

She said Adalat went to sleep and apologised the next morning.

The trial continues.