More than 400 children and adults pounded the pathways of Lister Park in Bradford for Sport Relief today.

The sunshine came out as entrants – a mixture of people in fancy-dress and serious runners – tackled either the one-mile, three-mile or six-mile course.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Khadim Hussain joined in the fun as he took part in an energetic Zumba dance warm-up before the event – and then ran a short stretch alongside competitors.

“I worked up a bit of a sweat and it kept me warm,” he said, talking about the Zumba.

“It’s nice to see that so many young people have turned up. There is a real family atmosphere.

“And it is instilling in young people how their work will help hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are without food.

“It is very moving to see all these young people here.”

He added: “It is a privilege for me to be part of this. That little effort of yours will help hundreds of millions of people – it will make a huge difference to people in disadvantaged countries.

“It is also heartwarming to hear about young people donating to the cause from their own pocket money.”

Organisers said more than 400 people had signed up for the run, with most doing the one and three mile courses. About 30 or 40 signed up for the six-mile run, said a spokesman.

Shaun O’Hare, 43, of Oakworth, said he, Charlie, 12, James, eight, and seven-year-old Kate were late entrants after the three children watched the Sport Relief show on BBC One on Friday.

Mr O’Hare said: “They watched the programme and were moved by it, so they donated some of their own money. They donated some money for a hospital bed.”

Vicky Melia, 43, and daughters Beth, nine, and Matthew, five, went with St Margaret’s Primary School in Horsforth. They were aiming to complete the one-mile course in about ten minutes.

“We do various things running-wise,” said Vicky.

Emma Kelsey, 35, came over from Rochdale to tackle the one-mile run alongside nephews Jacob, five, and Samuel, two. They were also part of the group from St Margaret’s school.

Lizzie and Mark Bradley did the three-mile course with Ryan, 14, Jack, 11, and little George in a pram.

“We have all come from Leeds,” said Lizzie, 32. “We are going to run it all!”

The fun event also featured a bouncy castle, brass band and food.