Schools across the district helped the Sport Relief weekend start off with a bang by bouncing, rowing and running to raise money for charity.

Held every two years, Sport Relief helps people in the UK and abroad and tomorrow hundreds more people are expected to add to the charity’s haul by taking part in a run in Lister Park, Manningham.

Yesterday, Brackenhill Primary School, off Great Horton Road, held a big bounce off where children had to bounce as many times as they could on a bouncy castle, while Horton Grange Primary School held a fair with several athletic games and competitions.

At South Craven School in Cross Hills, near Keighley, students ditched their uniform for the day and made donations, which raised more than £1,036.

There was also an inflatable assault course, on which pupils paid to have a go. It was set to coin in over £400.

At Oakbank School, Keighley, staff and students took part in the Sport Relief mile. More than 600 pupils used PE lessons, the lunch break and time after school to complete the challenge.

At Harden Primary School the day took on a Tour de France theme, with dozens of youngsters being cheered on by staff, parents and classmates as they took part in a sponsored roller bike challenge.

The older children gathered in the school hall to take turns racing each other using a pair of static bikes brought in by a company called Rollapaluza.

Meanwhile, those pupils who were too young for the static bikes took part in relay-style laps of the playground outside using scooters, bikes and trikes.

Teaching assistant Emma Dickerson said she was delighted with how well the day had been received.

“We’ve decorated the school, got parents into watch – it’s all been very successful,” she said.

Bradford Grammar School started things early – on Wednesday the school’s Junior Rowing Squad rowed a whopping 42,195m on a rowing machine in less than three hours, raising £1,217. And yesterday pupils and teachers descended on the gym to walk and run on treadmills to bring in sponsorship money. In the afternoon head Kevin Riley took to the treadmill.

Springwood Primary School pupils dressed up in their favourite sporting outfits while their teachers came dressed as their favourite sporting stars.

Each class enjoyed walking, jogging or jumping a mile and taking part in basketball, cricket and football challenges and started the day with a dance to the official Sports Relief song.

At Laisterdyke College pupils took part in a “row round the world” challenge, where they paid a pound to row as far as they could on a rowing machine. The total amount of metres rowed was then totalled up and translated into how far around the world the school have rowed as a team.

The Bradford Mile takes place tomorrow at Lister Park. The day lasts from 10am until 4pm and people are invited to attend and run one, three or six miles.

To sign up visit Sportrelief. com.