A mother wants more to be done to protect students walking to and from school.

Sarah Crabtree is supporting efforts by Oakbank School, Keighley, and local shopkeeper David Mortimer for either a pavement or crossing on Ingrow Lane.

But she thinks alternative measures to reduce danger from traffic in and around the school entrance should be explored.

Mrs Crabtree, whose children Eboni, 12, and Nathan, 14, attend the school, has made several suggestions such as building a turning circle for parents’ cars inside the school grounds and fencing off the car park so students cannot walk near vehicles.

The problem concerns students going in and out of school via the Oakbank sports centre entrance, on the top stretch of Ingrow Lane.

A petition organised by Mr Mortimer has already attracted 150 signatures from people calling for a footpath along Ingrow Lane to be extended between the junctions of Bracken Bank Avenue and Oakworth Road.

Mr Mortimer said: “I urge residents and parents of children who use Oakbank School or the skate park please add their support.”

Oakbank School head David Maxwell said: “We encourage parents to make as many suggestions as possible to make the entrances of our school safe.”