An independent plan to build the city centre pool in the former Odeon was withdrawn because of a lack of Council support, it was revealed.

A consortium of property experts, who came together through the Bradford Property Forum, planned to turn the former cinema into a swimming and leisure facility called City Reflections.

But they withdrew the proposal after finding out the Council was “unable to commit” to the idea.

The shortlist for the Odeon is now two bids to create a live music venue – by rivals Bradford One and Bradford Live.

City Reflections spokesman Allan Booth, director of Rance Booth Smith Architects, said: “We have now had more detailed discussions, including with the Council who were unable to commit to the Odeon for their city centre swimming pool, and as a result we are withdrawing from the process.”

A pressure group campaigning for the Odeon’s refurbishment said it was delighted the pool plan had been scrapped.

Bradford Odeon Rescue Group (BORG) said the pool would not have brought many visitors to the city. The group backs Bradford Live’s plan.

Secretary Mark Nicholson said: “For ten years we have battled with various authorities to save our Odeon and we couldn’t have done this without the magnificent support of the Bradford people.”