A terrified householder armed himself with a hammer and hid in the loft as a burglar smashed his way into his flat, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Kristian Birkett called police from his refuge and officers caught housebreaker David Smith red-handed, concealed beneath bedding in a spare room.

Smith, 28, of Lapage Street, Bradford Moor, was today jailed for 930 days, equating to three years minus 15 per cent credit for his guilty plea.

Mr Birkett’s neighbour, Louise Mitchell, walked free after the Crown offered no evidence against her on a burglary charge.

Prosecutor Emma Bennett said Smith broke into the flat in Ravenscliffe Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Bradford, in October 12 last year.

Mr Birkett heard him smashing his way in, seized a hammer he was using for DIY and hid.

Miss Bennett said he could hear Miss Mitchell talking with the man and police found the pair hiding with a number of electrical items unplugged ready to be carried off.

Miss Mitchell said she did not break into the flat and did not know anything was to be stolen from it.