Expansions at Eldwick Primary School to enable a 25 per cent increase in pupils have taken a step forward with plans for two “modular” classrooms submitted to Bradford planners.

The popular school is to increase its reception year intake from 60 children to 75 children in September.

Proposals for a two-classroom “modular building” have been submitted to Bradford Council.

Designed in keeping with the existing buildings, children will be able to study quietly away from any construction work.

Chairman of governors Anne-Marie Edwardes said: “These extra facilities in the new application will allow us to decant children from the main school while the building expansion work takes place.

“And that will enable us to continue to provide a constantly high quality of education while the improvements are taking place.”

She said that the timber-clad building on grass near the tennis courts would remain in use after the works had finished.

She said: “Our concern was that we got something fit for purpose and long term use. And In terms of the quality of its construction, it will provide a lot of education opportunities in the future.

“Last September we took in 60 pupils and this year we will be taking in two and a half forms – or 75 children.

“And to cope with that size of intake moving through the school, obviously we needed to expand.

“It’s a very busy time.”

Head teacher Janice Kershaw said: “We anticipate a high demand for places for reception in September 2014.

“This will to some extent be addressed by our expansion to an intake of 75 pupils into reception from that date.”

But with an early forecast for a dip in applications, Mrs Kershaw said she wanted parents to consider the previously over-subscribed school next year.

She said: “For September 2015, the numbers of births would suggest that demand would be lower, so obviously I am keen to encourage families to come and look round school and not to make the automatic assumption that we will be full for that year.”