Lung cancer claimed the lives of 289 people in Bradford in 2011 and 401 more were diagnosed with the disease.

The latest figures come as doctors across the district urge people not to ignore a persistant cough if they have had it for three weeks or more, telling them to see their GP.

Lung cancer is still one of the most common cancers in England with 34,900 people diagnosed and 28,100 people dying from it every year.

The Bradford area’s three local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), have been backing a Be Clear on Cancer campaign to get their message out.

Dr Ian Fenwick, the district’s clinical lead for cancer, said: “We are extremely keen to raise awareness of its symptoms and encourage people to see their doctors as soon as possible if they are concerned.”

The campaign, being repeated this year, first ran from May to June in 2012 seeing an extra 700 people diagnosed with lung cancer compared to the previous year.