Fears for the safety of Cullingworth schoolchildren may mean a lower speed limit, crossing point, humps and rumble strips on Bingley Road.

Pavement railings and bollards to block unwanted parking are also part of the wide-ranging scheme which goes before Shipley Area Committee next Wednesday.

But those residents who will lose parking spaces are arguing against the scheme – and have the support of Bingley Rural councillor Simon Cooke, who sits on the committee.

“Unless someone can resolve the difficulties this will cause for these people, then I’m not minded to support the proposals and will urge my colleagues not to support it either,” Coun Cooke said yesterday.

“Some of the affected houses are old back-to-backs and so there is nowhere to park except on the road. I believe the officers should go away and look at this again.”

He said the scheme had not been requested by local people, but was part of an imposed policy to encourage walking to school Bradford Council officers are suggesting the proposed changes after designing a ‘safer routes to school’ scheme for youngsters walking along Bingley Road.

“Safety and risk assessments have determined the existing pedestrian route via Bingley Road between Harden and Cullingworth is insufficiently safe for child pedestrians going to and from school,” the report says, adding there are specific concerns over pupils crossing close to the Woodfield Road junction.

The scheme’s key aspects include: converting the lay-by in front of houses on Cowhouse Bridge into a kerb-to-kerb speed table, widening the pathway and putting up a new railings plus bollard, a second speed stable 110m southwest of the junction with Woodfield Road, and a 40mph buffer zone for 500m between the 30mph and 60mph limits.