Students and teachers at a Bradford secondary school have helped to create a tribute to 50 former pupils who died in the First World War.

Thirty trees have been planted at Hanson Academy to honour the fallen, and a plaque listing their names has been installed among the saplings.

The trees were planted in the Swain House school’s newly-created conservation garden, and the planting, which took place yesterday, marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the war.

It was a joint project between the school’s geography and history departments, and the plaque’s unveiling featured speeches from a former Lord Mayor of Bradford, Allan Hillary, who is chairman of the Friends of Undercliffe Cemetery, and some people who appeared in the Make Bradford British television documentary.

The 50 war dead had attended the school when it was based in Barkerend Road.

History teacher Neil Greenwell said: “It makes you realise how important it is in terms of remembering the members of our community who died in the war. We learn a lot about the war in school but it is important to learn about its impact on the community. Every family would have known someone killed or injured in the war.”

Several of the dead are buried or commemorated at Undercliffe cemetery, which Hanson pupils regularly visit.

Mr Hillary said: “I think this is a wonderful thing to do for the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.”

The 50 who died

Harry D Barnett; William Batty; Alfred R Barrans; Fred Barraclough; David Collins; Harold Colley; Fred K Cole; John H Collinson; Thomas Cowman; Eliott A Currie; Haydn Dorling; William L Daley; Samuel D Daley; Frank Ellis; Kenneth Firth; Harold H Frost; Philip Foster; Frederick Farrar; Cyril Fisher; John Greaves; John Greenwood; Harold Holt; John L Holt; James Hewitt; William Hill; Harry Hill; Arthur Haigh; William Humphrey; Harry Jenkins; Thomas Jowett; Thomas Lingard; Albert E Lennon; Arthur H Long; Herbert I Moss; Harold Marsland; Herbert McKell; Harry Metcalfe; Albert Oddy; Norman Patchett; Wallis Smith; Richard Shackleton; Henry Symes; Samuel R Spencer; Frederick Sampson; Samuel Scott; William Sugden; Frank Wheat; Harold A Wheat; Robert Wright; Brooke Whitley