Results are based on the latest information published at, correct as of 4.30pm on Friday, March 8, 2014. Businesses should not be confused with establishments of a similar name elsewhere.

Al Habib - 453a Bradford Road, Sandbeds, Keighley. Inspected: April 9, 2013.

Manager Fiaz Akhtar said the Indian takeaway had worked with Council officers during the past year to hit new high standards. “They have visited us four or five times and they are now delighted with everything,” said Mr Akhtar.

Ariya African Restaurant - 34 Great Horton Road, Bradford. Inspected: July 3, 2013

Owner Edward Ogunkoya said the previous owners of the restaurant had a problem with pests, and the fallout of this had had led to the low rating once they took over. He said Council inspectors had since visited and said there was no longer a pest problem, but there had yet to be an official re-inspection to alter the score.

Chicago Hut - 1 Bolton Road, Silsden. Inspected: December 4, 2013.

Manager Perwaz Asghar said the score would be a one-off and he would like a re-inspection.
He said: “I have got nothing to hide. We are here to do business. It’s a very, very clean shop. I have seen worse takeaways than this.” He said when the inspector visited, a wash basin had been detached as part of building works, and this was now reinstalled. And he said paperwork had not been on site at the time because the owner had it.

Chicken Cottage - 6-8 Cavendish Street, Keighley. Inspected: December 11, 2013.

Chicken Cottage had its most recent visit from inspectors five days ago, said a spokesman for the takeaway. “They were very pleased with what they found,” he said.

Deli Touch - 40 Victoria Road, Keighley. Inspected: December 5, 2013.

A senior worker at the takeaway, who asked not to be named, said they were now working closely with Bradford Council to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards.

Express Dhal Roti - 4 Clayton Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 21, 2014.

Express Dhal Roti declined to comment.

Euro Fried Chicken - 55-57 Killinghall Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 7, 2014.

A member of staff said a health inspector had paid a visit to the shop about ten days ago and “said we were okay”.

Feroni’s - 25 North Parade, Bradford. Inspected: May 9, 2013.

Owner Tony Jones said staff at the business were “gobsmacked” when they got the zero rating.
He said that although there were some things he admits he could have done differently, his kitchen was clean and he was happy for anyone to see it. Since the inspection his staff have been awarded hygiene certificates that are now on display in the cafe. He added: “There is more to hygiene than ticking boxes. All my girls have certificates and in all my businesses I’ve never had an issue of contamination or someone becoming poorly.”

Fresh Fillingz - 31 Duckworth Lane, Bradford. Inspected: January 10, 2014.

New manager Balqis Begum said she hoped inspectors would note great improvements when they next visit the delicatessen and Panini bar. She said: “I’ve just taken over and we are working with the Council and looking forward to their next visit.”

Cafe Plaza - Bradford Plaza Complex, Leeds Old Road, Thornbury, Bradford. Inspected: January 22, 2014.

An employee for Cafe Plaza said there had been a lot of building work going on when they were inspected in January, and that had led to the low rating. He said once the work had finished they would be asking for another inspection.

Khidmat Centre - 36 Spencer Road, Bradford. Inspected: August 29, 2013.

A spokesman said the zero rating was not based on the cleanliness of the kitchen, but because the centre did not have the necessary manuals in place with instructions for staff to follow about food preparation. He said: “We’ve been operating since 2004 with no problem, but they’re tightening up saying there should be proper practices in place to make sure that staff and people responsible are clear of what’s expected of them. We’re hoping next time they come and do a random check we will do well. We’ve scored very well in the past so we were very surprised. We always say to people to come and look and walk round yourself.”

Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara - Sikh Temple, Gobind Marg, Bradford. Inspected: January 3, 2014.

Kaldeep Singh-Dulay, president of the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara Sikh Temple in Bradford, said its kitchens were undergoing a complete revamp that could cost about £40,000. He said a lot of the new rules on food hygiene had not previously applied to places of worship. “We didn’t have a food hygiene system implemented, which is why we got a zero rating,” said Mr Singh-Dulay. “We were not aware we were categorised as a takeaway business because we are just selling to our congregation. There are lots of new food hygiene rules that didn’t apply to us but now do.”

Pizza Express & Balti - 70 Paley Road, Bradford. Inspected: August 7, 2013.

Manager Wasim Raja said: “There were no health issues with the takeaway itself, the zero rating was down to damage to the floor and one of the freezers in the cold room. “We have fixed the problems and when we were re-inspected at the end of last year, the Council said everything was fine. We are waiting for a new rating, and we were five star before the last inspection, as there have never been any health issues.”

Lee Raaj Balti House - 72-74 Haworth Road Cross Roads, Keighley. Inspected: January 31, 2014.

Now closed.

Mega Bites - 249 Allerton Road, Bradford. Inspected: September 25, 2013.

A staff member said: “We have improved since then. We have done everything we have been told to do. The man came back and said everything was perfect." He added that they were hoping to get an inspector into the shop in the very near future to re-score them on their hygiene rating.

Goa Goa Ltd - 89 Harrogate Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 29, 2014.

The manager of the business said he had been absent during January’s inspection, and the zero rating was due to paperwork not being present in the building for inspection rather than any hygiene reasons. He said an inspector has since returned for a follow-up visit and the business is waiting for a new rating, which they are confident will be higher.

Silver Grill - Silver Grill, 115 Oak Lane, Bradford. Inspected: December 30, 2013.

A spokesman for the Silver Grill said: “We made all the improvements mentioned in the inspection. Everything was done. Problems flagged up included paint in the cellar and the power supply to the switchboard needing cleaning. Inspectors returned four days later and said everything was okay, 100 per cent. They only pointed out a few small matters.”

Mughal Restaurant and Sweet Centre - 790-792 Leeds Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 21, 2014.

No-one at Mughal was available for comment.

Pizza Base - 530 Great Horton Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 27, 2014.

A staff member said: “We were visited again on February 10 and a lot of the problems had been cleared. We have tried our best to turn things around and will be looking to get a higher rating as soon as possible.”

Raja’s Pizza Bar - 808 Leeds Road, Bradford. Inspected: January 24, 2014.

Manager Khyram Raja said: “We are waiting to be re-inspected as we weren’t happy with the zero rating. Our hygiene is perfect, we only had a few problems that have since been solved. We hadn’t filled in our paperwork properly and we needed another sink, but the problems weren't anything to do with cleanliness."

Usman Ali Foodstore - 116 Amberley Street, Bradford. Inspected: January 15, 2013.

The Usman Ali Foodstore declined to comment.

Dil Passand - 60 Duckworth Lane, Bradford. Inspected: June 6, 2013.

The Dil Passand was not available to comment.

Grill And Chill - 10a Summerville Road, Bradford. Inspected: February 3, 2014.

A member of staff at the company said they were currently disputing their rating with Bradford Council.

Stainthorpe’s Family Butchers - 1a Alma Street, Queensbury, Bradford. Inspected: August 6, 2013.

Manager Daniel Atkins said: “Basically, they wanted us to put more sinks in and sort out the placing of cooked meats by the counter. All the improvements suggested have taken place. I think we were unfairly scored. And we are still waiting for a new rating to be decided. Inspectors have been back to check that we have done what they said, but they haven't given us a new score as yet. But we now have new sinks and everything in. There has been no impact on our trade.”

Krazy Chef - 909 Harrogate Road, Bradford. Inspected: November 21, 2013.

No-one at Krazy Chef was available for comment.

Staropolska - 64-70 Manningham Lane, Bradford. Inspected: November 12, 2013.

No-one at Staropolska was available for comment.

Zouk Teabar And Grill - 1312 Leeds Road, Bradford. Inspected: November 20, 2013.

Director Tayub Amjad said: “They had given us a number of areas we needed to improve. It wasn’t general hygiene, it was more our storage and the cooling system we use so we have had to invest in some new equipment. We are a rare breed in that we have a theatre-style kitchen, so we can’t hide any hygiene issues because the whole restaurant can see what we are cooking. We pride ourselves on that. We are confident when the inspector comes back we will score highly.”