Ambitious plans have been drawn up to relocate Baildon Golf Club and create a green “19th Hole” complete with solar panels and rainwater recycling.

All 250 members of the club voted in favour of the plan which involves replacing the existing clubhouse – plus create five new homes on the existing site to be sold and the profits used to fund the project.

An application has now been submitted to Bradford Council but it has attracted objections from five residents of Brantcliffe Way concerned the cul-de-sac might become a busy route to the new-look club.

Architects Plot 74, of Gilstead, outlined its key points: l to redevelop the existing water treatment works adjacent to Baildon Golf Club l demolish and relocate the existing golf club to the new site l develop five new dwellings on the existing golf club site and refurbish the existing house.

The application says the objective is to attract more members with a “bespoke” building to increase revenues and cut costs with energy saving technologies.

The south-facing roof is designed for solar panels and gathered rainwater will become “grey water” used to flush toilets.

“All the club members are very excited by the prospect of a new clubhouse,” said Geoff Illingworth, chairman of its planning sub-committee. “We held an extraordinary general meeting and it was a unanimous vote to go forward.”

The application suggests in would be accessed primarily via Brantcliffe Way but five householders have sent written objections. One resident wrote: “I believe that adding other properties will adversely affect the value of my property as well as affecting it and me in other ways.

“Brantcliffe Way is a narrow cul-de-sac which also leads to a path used by many dog walkers and families with young children as an access on to Baildon Moor.

“Brantcliffe Way is not wide enough for two vehicles to pass without removing the pavements which would then make it very dangerous for pedestrians.

“The most sensible route to access would be via the existing road which serves the clubhouse and if this route was implemented I would suggest there would be no objections from neighbours.”

Speaking for the club, Mr Illingworth said it was aware of neighbours’ concerns and said it was early days with everything open for discussion.