The new boss of a Baildon children’s play centre has been rocked by a £5,000 bill to pay for double yellow lines in front of his Northgate premises.

Former school fitness instructor Liam Zyla took over Little Rascals before Christmas last year and was taken by surprise when he received an enforcement notice regarding lines which should have be painted in front of the entrance when planning permission was granted three years ago.

“It turns out that planning permission was granted for the business in 2011, so long as there was a pathway built and double yellow lines put down,” said Mr Zyla, 27.

“The path was built, but the lines were never put down. That detail wasn’t passed on to me and now I’m told it’s my responsibility to put the lines in by March 12.”

Mr Zyla said he thought there was no need for the lines, which he believes would cause more traffic problems than they might prevent.

“It’s a 20-yard stretch where cars are parked and they actually provide a safety barrier between traffic and children coming out of the entrance,” he said.

“We are not a nursery and children are always accompanied by parents, who want to park and walk straight into the building.”

He arranged to meet Bradford Council highways officers to discuss the issue.

“What I got was two options – to pay the £5,000 or they would send an injunction to close us down,” Mr Zyla said.

“To be fair, the officers were understanding and have said we can have more time to pay.

“I’ve put all my money into it, so I’ve just got to find the £5,000. I will be talking to Baildon Town Council to see if there are any grants which I can apply for to help meet the cost.”