A city-centre venue is keeping the craic going by starting up an alternative to Bradford Irish Club, which shut its doors last year.

Howard Sharpe, who runs Glyde House opposite the ice rink, has come up with a new idea to fill the gap.

Irish-born Mr Sharpe will be hosting a monthly Irish night at the centre to celebrate all things Irish and the first, on Wednesday March 19, will be in honour of St Patrick’s Day.

“It’s a couple of days after St Patrick’s but we’ll still all be in the mood for celebrating,” he said. “We’re hoping the regular nights will tap into the gap the Irish Club left behind. So far feedback has been positive.”

The Topic Folk Club and a jazz club that used to meet at the Irish Club have moved to Glyde House as an alternative spot for members to meet.

Bradford Irish Club went up for sale to help clear debts. Management blamed part of its downfall on being in the middle of the city’s red-light area – and the availability of cheap alcohol from supermarkets.