A 32-year-old man has been jailed for seven years after getting a girl of 14 pregnant and leaving her to undergo the trauma of an abortion.

Judge Robert Bartfield told Abid Miskeen yesterday: “She was from a troubled background and had no effective supervision and care and was, therefore, vulnerable.

“You groomed her into having a relationship with you and your intention was to have sexual intercourse with her. You impregnated her and, some three months later, she went through the trauma of the termination of that pregnancy.

“You have not shown one iota of remorse or regret for what you did.”

Miskeen was convicted by a jury at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday of sexual activity with a child, while subject to a court order for punching his previous partner in the face.

The jury heard that Miskeen, of Little Horton Lane, Bradford, knowingly attended his victim’s 14th birthday party.

She was taken into Bradford Council care last summer after police found her at a house with him shortly before midnight.

Miskeen had a long criminal record, dating from when he was a youth, for offences including assault, aggravated vehicle taking, witness intimidation, resisting a constable, robbery and dangerous driving.

In 2007, he was jailed for two years for a 100mph car chase when he was more than three times the drink driving limit and had a pregnant 17-year-old girl in the car with him.

Miskeen’s barrister, Charlotte Kenny, said his victim had “an element of self-assurance about her.”

“In her eyes, the defendant did her no harm but clearly she had to be protected from herself,” Miss Kenny said.

Judge Bartfield agreed to a request from prosecutors last week to have the girl and other witnesses arrested by the police to make them attend the trial, although it led to her detention overnight in a police cell.

The girl, now 15, had disappeared from court after her carer let her go outside for a cigarette. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was produced in custody to give her evidence the following day.

Judge Bartfield said the case would have collapsed without the girl’s attendance.

Although called by the prosecution, the girl supported Miskeen’s case that he did not know she was under 16 but, on the jury’s verdict, she was lying to protect him.

Responding to criticism in a national newspaper, the judge said: “The suggestion that she was in some way forced into the witness box by the prosecution to give evidence on their behalf is wholly misconceived.”

He told Miskeen: “What is plain is that had she not been present to give evidence, you would have walked out of here last Thursday.”

Superintendent Vince Firth, of the Bradford Safeguarding Board, said: “Miskeen befriended and proceeded to take advantage of a vulnerable young girl, who was not of consenting age.

“We are pleased with the sentence today and hope it will act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of committing a similar offence.”