A young mum is pleading to be moved from her ‘damp-riddled house of horrors’ as landlords appoint surveyors to find the cause of the problem.

Gemma Scott says she and her three young children are often ill due to the conditions at her Tyersal home.

She claims clothes for her nine-week-old daughter are frequently soaking wet to the touch and that furniture cannot be placed next to the walls.

Miss Scott’s boyfriend’s disabled parents have to have the baby at their home in a bid to help out.

“I have had to put up with this for two years now and I want to be moved ASAP” she said.

However, Affinity Sutton, the housing association which owns the terraced property, says damp is a common problem at this time of year and it has been trying to resolve the issue.

Miss Scott, who is 24, has lived on the Sutton estate for three years and first reported the problem two years ago.

“It wasn’t too bad at first,” she said. “But now there is damp throughout the place. It is like a house of horrors. I’m quite house-proud and clean it up as much as I can, but it goes on and on."

Miss Scott, whose two elder children are aged five and three, is frustrated by Affinity Sutton.

“I am getting no joy at all,” she said. “The heating was not working properly for almost a month and all they did was come and bleed the radiators.”

A spokesman for Affinity Sutton said: “While this is a very common household problem at this time of year we of course understand the inconvenience it can cause and are working hard to resolve the issue.