An MP has accused Bradford Council of neglecting residents in Shipley and Keighley.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said his constituents were “sick to the backteeth” of planning decisions taken by the Labour-run authority.

He said it only cared about the Bradford heartlands and re-issued a call by neighbouring Keighley MP Kris Hopkins, who is now a government minister, to allow Keighley and Shipley to become its own council area.

Mr Davies said: “My constituents in Shipley are sick to the backteeth of Labour-run Bradford Council imposing decisions upon them against their wishes and against their interests, particularly in planning, and it is perfectly clear that they only care about their heartlands in Bradford rather than Shipley.”

Mr Davies told MPs that Mr Hopkins previously suggested a local authority for Keighley and Shipley constituencies should be examined.

He added: “This would take us out of the Bradford district.

“This is something I would, and my constituents would agree with wholeheartedly.”

Council leader Councillor David Green said: “The Council has invested, and continues to do so, in services for people right across the district and continues to listen to the views of the people and their concerns.”

He added: “We have also devolved many decisions down to area committees in Shipley and Keighley so that local representatives are making decisions on services that fit with those communities.”