A parent-led campaign to shame irresponsible dog owners into cleaning up after their pets has been re-launched in Otley.

Sara Quin first started muck:up! back in 2010 in a bid to rid the town's streets of the unsightly, and potentially health threatening, blight of dog mess.

That was after she had seen at first hand how bad the problem was while accompanying one of her children on a school walk into town.

The campaign set up a website and organised a competition for local schoolchildren to design deterrent posters that were put up at prime dog-fouling sites.

That seemed, for a while, to make a difference.

But now Sara is set to take up the fight again after MP Greg Mulholland (Lib Dem, Leeds North West) told her it was again becoming a major issue for residents.

She said: "I have been liaising successfully with Otley Town Council for funding to get spray cans of temporary chalk paint.

"And, via the muck:up! Facebook and Twitter pages, I have got 25 volunteers who will be using the paint to mark dog fouling.

"We hope this will work in two ways - firstly, the dog poo will be clearly marked and hence stop kids walking or scooting in it, and buggies going through it.

"And secondly, the lazy dog owners who don't pick up (or people who bag it and then dump the bags) might be enticed to pick up their dog mess when they see the amount of red circles highlighting it all.”

More information can be found at the muck:up! Facebook page.