An animal charity in Bradford is warning cat owners of the risks to their pets of badly-fitting collars after nursing a terribly injured tom cat back to health.

The cat, now named Salvador, has been taken in by Paw Prints Cat Rescue after it spent at least ten months in the wild with one of its legs caught in its collar.

In December 2012, a concerned woman spotted the ginger longhaired cat limping badly around the neighbourhood.

She contacted Paw Prints and the centre volunteers mounted a search but unfortunately the cat had vanished. Everyone feared the worst but some ten months later, in October 2013, the woman spotted him again.

This time Paw Prints was able to trap the cat and saw his collar was stuck under his armpit.

He was un-neutered, in a poor condition and in a lot of pain and was taken to the RSPCA.

When it was suggested the cat be put down due to the extent of his injuries, the charity decided to give him another chance.

He was taken to Northcote Veterinary Surgery in Otley Road, Bradford, which was prepared to operate and castrate him as well. The operation was a success and Salavador now lives at the cat foster home run by Anna Dyson Clarke, co-founder of Paw Prints Rescue.

“Salvador is turning into a very affectionate cat,” Miss Dyson Clarke said.

“Now he is no longer in pain, nothing stops him.”

Amid a continuing growing cat population, Miss Dyson Clarke has urged owners to take more care of their pets. The charity recommends that cat owners use safety catch collars or get their cats micro-chipped.

“Owners need to learn to take responsibility for Bradford’s ever-increasing cat population and the neglect and hardship this causes to cats,” said Miss Dyson Clarke.

Paw Peints is run entirely by volunteers, rescues and re-houses abandoned cats and kittens and is regularly inundated with cats that need a bit of TLC. To donate or for advice, call Miss Dyson Clarke on 07743 743069.