A company has promised residents and an MP that it will carry out repairs to incomplete homes on a Bradford estate within two weeks.

Bradford East MP David Ward said Leeds-based Green Deal Warehouse sought to reassure residents of Parkside, West Bowling, who had been left with unattached gutters, missing sills, damaged roofs, scaffolding frames still fixed to their walls and gardens strewn with building materials after work to fix cladding on their houses ended in December.

About 50 residents went along to a meeting at Parkside Community Centre, alongside Mr Ward, to discuss their concerns.

Mr Ward said: “It was a great meeting. We got a firm commitment that they would give us a list of all the people they have done work for. We will then contact these people to ask if work has been completed to their satisfaction.

“We will send the list of people who say no to Green Deal Warehouse and they will have two weeks to sort it out. There could be about 100 properties.

“Green Deal Warehouse said they would carry out the work within the next two weeks. The statement was made in public, in front of an MP, so we will now see what happens.

“We will have a meeting in three weeks and hopefully there will be a good story that all the work has been done.”

Shahid Islam, one of the residents who has had work done, said: “A lot of people turned up, I’ve never seen that many people come to the community centre before. We heard them say they were going to finish things off.”

After the meeting James Khan, of Green Deal Warehouse, said: “This will be done. We’ve been round there and found out what the problems are and we’ll have them sorted in the next two weeks.

“We had to hold off until the weather was better, but we’ll be sorted in the next two weeks.”