A musician who played a major part in Bradford’s music scene has died of cancer.

Martin Neish, better know as Protag, 54, was the bass player in anarcho-punk band Blyth Power and was also in other bands such as Zounds and Alternative TV.

He moved to Bradford in the late-1990s and was heavily involved in the city’s music scene. He was a stalwart of Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club and supported community events such as Bradford Festival, Great Horton Community Festival and Bradford Pride with his solar and bike-powered PA system.

He had been involved with the 1 in 12 Club since 1982 when he worked with founder Gary Cavanagh on a ‘Worst of the 1 in 12 Club’ cassette of bands that had played there.

He became a regular visitor to the club, with Blyth Power. He moved to Bradford in the late 1990s with Anna, and the couple later married at St Columbas’s Church in Heaton.

His funeral will take place on Friday, February 28 at Thornton Cemetery followed by a wake at the 1 in 12 Club.