A Keighley doctor has led a rescue mission by young Yorkshire Muslims to a flood-hit village in Somerset.

Dr Aziz Hafiz and fellow volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community travelled to Burrowbridge.

They built barriers with sandbags and prepared paths by the riverbank to allow cut-off residents free passage around the village.

Earlier in the week Ahmadiyya volunteers had worked with soldiers and church members to fortify churches.

Dr Hafiz, a GP trainer at Oak Glen Surgery in Gilstead, is a member of Keighley’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA).

He said members of the Somerset Christian community had shown true public unity by inviting AMYA volunteers to say their congregational prayers in the same church.

The Yorkshire contingent spent the weekend working with Tim Holmes from Flooding on the Levels Action Group.

Dr Hafiz, who is also the national AMYA disaster and relief co-ordinator, said several hundred volunteers took part. He said: “I can't describe how touched we have all been by the warmth of the communities and people we have assisted.

“We are proud to be able to work alongside many other groups and the Army.”

For further information about AMYA’s work visit Muslimsforhumanity.org.uk.