People on a Bradford housing estate have put together an ideal recipe – a cook book using personal memories.

Ravenscliffe Community Association got locals together for a course called Cook and Speak, and it ended with Cooking from Memories being published.

The course involved people telling a personal story linked to a recipe. The stories and recipes were then brought together for the book.

Angela Horsfall, who provided a story and recipe for the book, said: “The course has been really enjoyable. It’s great to see our stories in print and the photographs are brilliant!”

The project was funded through the Community Learning Innovation Fund. It was delivered by the Gateway Community and Children’s Centre, alongside partners including NHS organisation Health on the Streets, Forster College and The Children’s Society.

Arlene Borrill, Cook and Speak course co-ordinator, said: “It was a huge privilege to be involved in this project. I have met some fabulous people and we have published a high-quality cook book.

“It’s not every day that people can say they’ve been a part of publishing a book and having their stories and recipes in print.”

Copies of the book are for sale at the Gateway Community Centre in Ravenscliffe, priced at £5.