A police chief today vowed to knock on the doors of those responsible for the murder of Bradford businessman Sajid Saddique.

Detective Inspector Steve Snow said there was no question somebody knew how car dealer Mr Saddique died and what happened to his body.

Det Insp Snow and Mr Saddique’s widow, Asma Razaq, made a joint public appeal for information to put together the final pieces of the jigsaw in the investigation.

Detectives have confirmed they are now conducting a murder inquiry following the uncovering of new information.

Mr Saddique, of Heaton, disappeared without trace on the morning of Valentine’s Day 2007, after telling his family he was going to a business meeting.

Det Insp Snow said father-of-three Mr Saddique, then aged 32, did attend the meeting with a business associate, in the car park of the Asda at Manor Road, Shipley, arriving there at 10.10am, but after 10.30am there was no further information about him.

His gold-coloured Volkswagen Bora was left securely at the car park and found there later that day by his family.

Two men, a 62-year-old, from Bradford, and a 45-year-old, from Halifax, were arrested today on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and are being held in custody.

But Det Insp Snow said: “This investigation continues to identify those who may be responsible for the murder of Sajid.

“I believe that, without a doubt, there are people out there in West Yorkshire who know what happened to Sajid and can identify where Sajid’s body was taken following the murder.

“There is no reason why they cannot come forward and tell us.

“We are still seeking those who are actually responsible for the murder. When we identify those people they will also be arrested.

“Once we have identified who they are, and it is appropriate to do so, we will be knocking on their doors.”

Det Insp Snow added: “This appeal is very important. Sajid was a loving family man, who was very close to his children and his wife.

“I want people to cast their minds back seven years and ask themselves whether they were in the Asda car park between 10.10am and 10.30am on Valentine’s Day morning. Did they see Sajid? Did they see the car he turned up in at the car park? Did they see anyone meeting Sajid?”

Asma said: “I knew in my heart something terrible had happened but it was still a massive shock to hear it confirmed. I felt numb and sick. I just urge anyone with any information to come forward.”