A couple who met only a few weeks ago have become hitched in Bradford’s first transgender civil partnership.

Kate Ainsworth, 39, and Sally Adams, 46, were married at the Great Victoria Hotel on Saturday.

Surrounded by friends and family, they said the day was everything they hoped it would be.

Born as men, but living as women, the couple only met on New Year’s Eve while at a friend’s party, and after hitting it off immediately started a whirlwind romance. They were engaged within a week and the wedding ceremony was booked a few weeks later.

The couple, waiting for gender re-assignment operations, will go by the name Ainsworth after Saturday’s ceremony.

After having to arrange and pay for a ceremony in a matter of weeks, they said they will wait a while for their honeymoon.

The couple, who describe themselves as “gender girls” said they were proud to be the first to take part in such a ceremony in the city.