Five delighted people have had £500 paid towards their winter fuel bill – thanks to the Telegraph & Argus.

Patricia Ferriday, Cyn Greenwood, Jean Tindall, Anne Smith and Ian Watson have shared £2,500 as winners of our Win the Cost of your Winter Fuel Bill competition.

Telegraph & Argus deputy editor Damian Holmes and promotions executive Charlotte Wood presented the cheques.

Patricia, 77, of Ridgeway, Wrose, said: “It means I don’t have to worry about putting the heating on – it is just wonderful.”

Cyn, 73, of Littlefield Walk, Bradford, said: “It means everything. Heating and lighting are so important.”

Jean, 80, of Camberley Mount, Bradford, said: “I was struggling before this. When the gas bill drops through the door, I dare not open it.”

Anne, 59, of Bromford Road, Bradford, said: “I think it’s amazing. I got made redundant four years ago so it’s a big help.”

Ian, 62, of Garthwaite Mount, Allerton, said: “It’s a big help – £500 is a lot of money.”