A dancer who tried to induce an epileptic fit as part of a performance in Bradford is returning with a new show combining dance with cooking.

Choreographer Rita Marcalo is bringing the “edible choreography”, led by the senses of smell and taste, to Bradford’s Theatre in the Mill.

Called Caramel, the show is a cross between dance and a cooking session. The audience will be invited to engage in the process of cooking caramel – touching, smelling, even tasting it – pushing the boundaries of dance.

In 2009 Miss Marcalo, who suffers from epilepsy, attempted to induce an epileptic seizure as part of a 24-hour event called Involuntary Dances at Bradford Playhouse.

The Portuguese dancer and choreographer failed to induce a fit but her bid made national headlines.

Afterwards she said the dance – an Arts Council-funded project – was part of a series of events exploring the link between epilepsy, dance and drug research.

She told the Telegraph & Argus at the time: “Epilepsy is a hidden disability. If I feel a seizure coming on I go somewhere people won’t see me, it’s the opposite of when I’m dancing in public, when I’m in control of my body as a physical performer. This project is about spectacle, exposure, and my role as a dancer.”

Caramel – a Dance4 production by Miss Marcalo and her Leeds-based dance company Instant Dissidence – has also been funded by Arts Council England.

Paul Russ, chief executive of Dance4, said: “Caramel is a fascinating new conceptual dance performance which provides a fresh new approach to choreography.”

Caramel is on Saturday, February 22. For tickets visit dance4.co.uk.