The Government has provided Bradford Council with £5.6 million to fix some of its crumbling school buildings – but the figure is “nowhere near” enough, according to one councillor.

The funding was announced by the Department for Education yesterday and can be used for construction, repairs or buying new school equipment.

Councillor Ralph Berry, executive member for children’s services, said the grant provided to the Council last year was £6.3m, and added: “This comes nowhere near to the needs of Bradford and the dereliction of some of the schools. Now we need to make the very best of it, but its nowhere near being adequate to meet the backlog of repairs.”

But Councillor Roger L’Amie, Conservative group spokesman for children’s services said: “At a time when there is much doom and gloom about the money available for public services, it is heartening to see that the government is targeting what monies are available on the most vulnerable members of society.

“Coming so soon after the additional money for improving how quickly children taken into care can be adopted, I am taking this as a sign that while the cupboard is nearly bare, what is available is being given to those most in need.”