Interns are helping with a range of useful tasks at the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

Roles have included preparing exhibits for the 2014 season, helping with marketing and improving the Haworth museum’s social media presence.

The Brontë Society, which runs the museum, set up a paid intern programme last year.

The interns are either graduates seeking employment in the museums field or experienced heritage staff wanted to expand their skills.

The first pair of interns, Mari Elliot and Jordan Blackman, recently finished their residency and have been replaced by Hermione Williams and Lauren Livesey.

Sue Newby, the parsonage’s education officer, said: “The first worked to really well. It was a bit of a learning curve but we felt that it was worthwhile.”

“Mari and Jordan both had some experience already. Mari had experience with an arts charity and working with social media, and she wanted more experience working in collections.

“They both helped us with social media, giving us an insight into how it works and how to get more out of it.”

The pair also helped prepare one of the new exhibitions at the Parsonage 2014, exploring the Brontë family’s links with animals, as well as a new Brontë timeline in the museum’s entrance.