Police have released a rogues gallery of ten wanted drug dealers, caught peddling their evil wares in Bradford.

Gallery of all ten

The fugitives were captured on camera during an ongoing major police operation to crack down on the street supply of heroin and cocaine.

Operation Stalebank has so far seen 80 drug dealers put behind bars for a total of 260 years.

In the latest phase of the operation, police have issued full-face images of ten suspects, caught on film during undercover surveillance.

They are asking for the public to help identify the men, so they can be brought to justice.

Detective Inspector Ian Bryar, who heads the operation, said: “Stalebank has made a big impact on the supply and distribution of heroin and cocaine in the Bradford district, and more people are due in court later this month on charges of drug dealing.

“Information from the public has been key in helping us and our partners to run successful arrest operations and bring these people to justice.

“Our communities have made it clear to us that they do not want these negative role models in their community and that is why we are again appealing to the public to identify these men.”

The latest appeal falls under West Yorkshire Police’s Viper initiative, which targets persistent and prolific offenders in the district.

Last week, five days of action by Viper officers saw nearly 100 premises raided and resulted in 31 arrests. Six vehicles were seized, along with a number of weapons including tasers, crossbows, swords and knuckledusters. Three cannabis farms were found and dismantled, and £10,000 of criminal money was seized from one property in Keighley.

Last month three Bradford drug dealers were jailed for a total of 13 years after being caught peddling drugs on the streets of Bradford by Stalebank officers.

In December four men were given prison sentences totalling 15 years for similar offences.

The majority of Operation Stalebank villains are being sentenced by Bradford’s most senior judge, the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC.

Judge Thomas has described the “terrible blight” and “human misery” caused to society by the misuse of class A drugs and has warned that anyone who gets involved in their supply faces the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence.

Anyone who has information on any of the suspects photographed is asked to contact Detective Constable David Jackson at Bradford District Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.