The following have been dealt with by Bradford and Keighley magistrates: Raqouf Meskaldji, aged 26, of Backfield, Thornton; assault, community order made , £145 costs. Sarah Jayne Rourke, aged 36, of Dawson Road, Keighley; three counts of theft, £15 costs, six months conditional discharge. Nathan Junior Wilson, aged 28, of Shetcliffe Avenue; failure to comply with community order, £100 fine. Liam Mark Reilly, aged 25, of Dorchester Crescent, Holme Wood; using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, community order made with curfew. Robert Collinson, aged 36, of Otley Road, Undercliffe; theft, £100 fine, £20 costs; failure to surrender to custody, detained in court house. Kenneth Stephen Leslie Keach, aged 39, of Howarth Road; resisting a police officer, £80 fine, £105 costs. Sabrina Jayne White, aged 29, of New Cross Street, West Bowling; failure to attend drugs assessment, six months conditional discharge, £15 costs. Stephanie Lynn, aged 42, of Middlefield Court, East Morton; Keighley; failure to produce a specimen, £90 fine, £105 costs, banned from driving for 36 months. Marek Benak, aged 23, of Edmund Street, Sbearbridge; criminal damage, breach of restraining order, jailed for 28 days. Sean Riley, of Claremont Grove, Shipley; failure to deliver up a vehicle licence upon receipt of a dishonoured cheque, £400 fine, £112.509 vehicle back duty, £110 costs. Leonard Stevenson, of Kirklands Road, Baildon, Shipley; failure to deliver up a vehicle licence upon receipt of a dishonoured cheque, £400 fine, £112 vehicle back duty, £90 costs. Fazal Ellahi, of Whetley Hill, Girlington; failure to comply with improvement notice, £1,600 fine, £1,235 costs. Khizar Hayat, aged 31, of Northside Road, Lidget Green; falsely using a disabled badge, £100 fine, £170 costs. Gavin Jeffrey, aged 36, of Crawford Street, East Bowling; four counts of failure to comply with abatement notice, £100 fine, £170 costs. Mohsin Khan, aged 29, of Russell Street, Little Horton Green; failure to licence property, £1,500 fine, £947 costs. Dominic Paul Williams, aged 23, of Cross Street, Buttershaw; failure to clear litter, £175 fine, £547 costs. The following have been dealt with for failure to notify change of vehicle ownership: Sherax Akhtar, aged 33, of Mayo Drive, Staygate. Kvetoslava Holanova, aged 48, of Spencer Road, Scholemoor. Craig Alan Maley, of Woodhall Terrace, Fagley. Mouhanad Obeed, aged 37, of Kingsdale Avenue, Undercliffe. LIam Selby, of Hartland Road, Holme Wood.

The following have been dealt with for failure to meet insurance requirements: Marek Adamco, of Barnby Avenue, Lower Grange. Imtiaz Ahmed, aged 50, of Devonshire Street, Keighley. Hafiz Mohammed S Akhtar, aged 41, of Priestman Street, Girlington. Raymond Alderman, aged 66, of Oakfield Avenue, Bingley. Shamoon Baba, aged 32, of St Leonard’s Road, Four Lane Ends. Betty Burgess, aged 71, of Station Road, Oakworth, Keighley. We wish to point out that all the information in this court file is provided by the magistrates’ court, which collates the details largely from prosecutors and the police. In calculating the amount of any fine, the court takes into account the income of the offender as well as the seriousness of the offence.