Campaigners called for public toilets to be spared the axe in Baildon and Haworth at the executive meeting yesterday.

Many public facilities are facing closure as part of the Council’s two-year cost-cutting proposals. Only those in Bradford city centre and tourist areas would be saved.

Maureen Robinson, who is campaigning for the toilets in Baildon to stay open, said: “If a Council cannot provide something as basic as public toilets, do they need to reconsider their priorities?”

Gary Swallow called for the facilities at Central Park, Haworth, to be saved, saying it made no sense to close the toilets ahead of the Tour de France, which would attract an influx of visitors.

But Councillor Andrew Thornton, executive member for the environment, said any closures would happen in 2015-16, after the Tour had visited Yorkshire.

He added: “We are in a consultation process and we haven’t actually reached a decision yet.”