People passing by Forster’s Bistro in Bradford City Park on Saturday saw a glimpse of real street life in its window.

The deli and bistro loaned out its window space for the day to the city’s Emmaus charity to profile the plight of Bradford’s homeless and street sleepers.

The living display showed the contrast between snuggling down in cosy bed and roughing it in a sleeping bag.

Juli Thompson, from the charity, said: “Bradford people are generally kind, but we all get busy with our lives.

“The display was just about pricking a flash of conscience and asking people to pledge an act of kindness. It was more about getting them to make a heart-move than a purse-move.

“We just wanted people to stop, look and think for a moment then be spurred on to go and do something kind for someone else."

Pledges made on the day included one child donating £4 pocket money and someone else promising to go visit their elderly aunt.