Healthy food was on the mind of pupils at a Bradford primary school during a recent project.

Shirley Manor Primary School in Wyke marked Obesity Awareness week by running a competition where children were asked to design a mixed, healthy lunch box meal.

The winners, pupils who came up with the most balanced meals, were presented with their prizes of exercise equipment like footballs and skipping ropes at an assembly yesterday.

PSE co-ordinator Gail Whitmore said the children were taught what foods were best for protein and carbohydrates, and which ones to treat as “sometimes foods.”

She said: “We linked it in with the change for life programme so we showed the children a lot of the leaflets and websites for that.

“They got a good idea of what foods are good for them and what are ok to have now and then, but not on a regular basis. We’re not telling them not to eat things, just to choose appropriate things.”