A horrified mother watched on CCTV as a care assistant abused her profoundly disabled daughter, a jury at Bradford Crown Court was told.

Rehana Kosir repeatedly pushed Michelle Roe in the face as she sat in her wheelchair being prepared for a trip to a day care centre, it is alleged.

Kosir, 30, of South Edge, Keighley, denies ill treatment of a person who lacks capacity on January 14 last year.

The jury was shown CCTV footage from a camera in Miss Roe’s bedroom that was watched by her mother, Joanne, from her room in the family home.

Prosecutor Andrew Haslam said Michelle Roe, 26, known as Shelley, was born prematurely and suffered a bleed on the brain. She is blind, unable to speak, suffered epileptic fits and is profoundly physically disabled.

She needs round-the-clock care and Kosir had been one of the team looking after her for two years.

Mr Haslam said that Miss Roe suffered from sleep apnoea that meant it was dangerous for her to sleep during the day when special equipment to keep her breathing regulated was not in use.

Carers were told to keep her awake by a variety of methods, including talking to her, brushing her hair, stroking her or touching her with a wet flannel.

On the morning of the alleged ill treatment, Mrs Roe, who is also in a wheelchair, saw Kosir on the CCTV link repeatedly pushing her daughter in the face with the back of her hand and her knuckles, Mr Haslam said.

He said Mrs Roe was horrified and played back the footage to herself before calling the day centre and the police.

Kosir was arrested and told the police she tapped Miss Roe on the shoulder to keep her awake.

She denied pushing her head up to eight times.

Mrs Roe said Kosir, who worked for Allied Healthcare, had been a very good carer and had built up a good relationship with Miss Roe. The court heard that Kosir had “shadowed” Miss Roe’s team of carers while training for the role and been assessed by a registered nurse as being suitable for the job.

The trial continues.