A community partnership that aims to make the Bradford district safer is failing half of its targets, according to a new report.

Two of the six failures are an increase in total number of recorded crimes, and a rise in the number of residents who say that anti-social behaviour has got worse overall – a figure that is the highest in West Yorkshire.

The Bradford District Community Safety Partnership (CSP) performance report for April to September last year shows that it is behind schedule on six out of 12 targets.

There were 20,409 crimes recorded between April and September – the CSP target was 18,377. There were 40,861 recorded crimes in 2012/13.

The other four failures were: a rise in the number of repeat victims of domestic abuse; a failure to alter the perception of people who believe drug use and drug dealing is a problem; a failure to provide satisfaction for residents on service delivery for anti-social behaviour; and a failure to meet the target for the percentage of ward officer/partnership team meetings that had three or more main partners in attendance.

Councillor Imran Hussain, chairman of the Bradford Community Safety Partnership Board, said yesterday: “Generally, crime is reducing.

“I think we can never get complacent as a Community Safety Partnership and we need to keep striving to do better – that is why we set our targets in line with achieving the best possible.

“Some of the failures, like the domestic violence one, a lot of work has been done where there is more reporting of domestic violence – which is good news. In Bradford we have a nationally-recognised domestic violence service that is second to none.”

He added: “We do need, as a CSP, to continue to make sure we work as hard as possible to reach our targets and beyond.”

The Bradford District Community Safety Plan 2012-2015 sets out annual performance measures and targets for three areas identified by the CSP: l reducing crime and re-offending; l neighbourhoods and communities; l drugs and alcohol.

Among the six targets that are on track – or within five per cent of achieving the target – is domestic burglary rates, although the number of incidents was up 4.7 per cent compared to the same period in 2012.

Also, the “trend is improving” for the number of people killed or seriously injured in road crashes, the number of dwelling and building fires is decreasing, the percentage of respondents who believe anti-social behaviour is a problem where they live has reduced, as has the number of people who perceive drunk and rowdy behaviour as a problem where they live.

Also on target is the overall satisfaction with the service provided by the police. Coun Hussain said: “On these, it is good news. We have had a number of burglary initiatives, so I’m glad to see we have reached our target on burglary.”

He also heralded the satisfaction with the police as “really good for strengthening communities”.