A ward councillor is calling an emergency meeting with cemetery bosses after complaints about graves and memorials being fouled by dogs.

Bowling labour councillor Hassan Khan, whose area covers part of the cemetery, said he would be asking questions of the ward officer and bereavement services responsible for the upkeep of Bowling Cemetery off Rooley Lane.

He said: “It’s shameful. It should not be happening. I will call a meeting to find out what can be done to stop people letting their dogs run loose.”

He said anyone witnessing it happening needed to log it and report what they had seen to Bradford Council’s environmental department.

“We need times, descriptions, anything like that – we can also get our rangers to look out on patrols.”

The Telegraph & Argus was contacted by Kate Naylor, 55, who regularly goes to the cemetery to visit the graves of her baby son Adam, buried there 34 years ago, and workmate Jade Watson, found strangled in a caravan last year.

Mrs Naylor, who works at the In Plaice fish and chip shop in Sunbridge Road, said the mess on side paths and over graves and floral tributes made her feel sick.

She wants the Council to ban dogs from its cemeteries or at least put up signs warning of big fines for irresponsible dog owners.

She said: “It’s sickening that people let their dogs do this. They should be banned – absolutely no dogs allowed. I see people all the time there just walking through with their dogs off leads. I saw one man pull up in his car and let his two dogs out to cock their legs and do worse.

“The cemetery is kept wonderfully otherwise but there is dog mess all over the side paths, the graves and flowers. It’s heartbreaking for people with loved ones there.

“The problem’s got a lot worse recently. I’m wondering if people are coming in away from the streets where they have to pick up the mess or get fined. They think they can get away with leaving it in the cemetery. It’s disgusting and disrespectful.”

A Council spokesman said: “Most dog owners are responsible and do clean up after their dogs. Our neighbourhood wardens patrol cemeteries and will issue fixed penalty fines but they can’t be there all the time and irresponsible dog owners need to start taking responsibility for their dogs by picking up after them.”