Supermarket giant Tesco has confirmed it is looking into establishing a store in Haworth.

The retail giant, which earlier this month unveiled plans to build a store in Silsden and create 200 jobs, has revealed its intentions for the Worth Valley, though did not specify a particular site.

Tesco spokesman Mark Thomas said: “We would love to bring a new convenience store to Haworth to serve the local community and we’re reviewing our options in the village. Should any application be submitted, residents would be consulted.”

Andrew Snowden, who owns JR Snowden off licence and general store in Mill Hey, warned that if a Tesco comes to the village it would mean the end of his long-established shop.

“It would shut us down, that’s a fact,” he said. “It’s difficult enough as it is now, and with a business as big as Tesco how could we compete against that? It would really knock us for six, we’d have no chance.”

Tina Dowse, who works in Ibbotsons butchers and greengrocers, in Sun Street, said: “I’m curious as to where they would put a Tesco where it would fit in with the village. It would be a concern for any business here - it would affect everybody.”