Teenagers will be urged to make sure their opinions are heard by young people campaigning against proposed £3 million cuts to Bradford Council’s Youth Service.

Today The Friends of Bradford Youth Service will be taking to the city centre streets with banners and placards and explaining what the changes could mean to people.

Bradford Council’s Youth Services faces losing 79 per cent of its budget as the Council looks to make £89 million of cuts.

Piers Telemacque, who is leading the campaign, said: “Given that Bradford already has a large youth population, and we will be the youngest city in Europe with over 50 per cent of the population being under 25, why is the council investing in buildings and business if they aren’t investing in the young people of Bradford?”

The group will be at City Hall before today’s full council meeting at 4pm to protest against the cuts, which are part of the controlling Labour group’s draft budget for 2014-16, announced in October.

Mr Telemacque said: “We have decided in the face of these cuts that we will be identifying and campaigning specifically against councillors that decide to vote for these cuts and not to invest in young people.”