Police will study footage of a quad biker hurtling round a town’s roundabout after the video attracted thousands of internet views and strongly-worded criticism.

On Sunday, Councillor Ian Lyons obtained footage of the helmetless quad biker riding in a manner that he claimed was “terrorising” residents of Baildon.

And Coun Lyons said the problem was more widespread, with gangs on quads and trail bikes targeting the town with on-road stunts and antics, purely for the perverse pleasure of scaring residents.

He said: “I discovered on the internet that this sort of riding is a popular trend and part of a culture that just enjoys flouting the law.

“Things they do might not be illegal, as with the rider on Sunday who was on a registered bike, didn’t need a helmet and was not part of a gang.

“But it is still terrorising people, in my opinion,” Coun Lyons said.

“And often they are breaking the law on unregistered trail bikes which tear around everywhere.

“People are absolutely sick to the back teeth of them – even the sound of the roaring engines is enough to scare elderly people.”

And he said there was even a loose-linked local group of riders dubbed “The 12 o’clock Boys” which organises trips to well-heeled areas like Baildon.

“In my view, they love riding around Baildon just because it upsets people so much.”

The “12 o’clock Boys” is also a cult documentary made last year about a notorious dirtbike gang in Baltimore, US.

“This is also part of a bigger trend called ‘Ridelife’ where riders film themselves doing tricks and stunts on ordinary streets then put it on Youtube,” Coun Lyons said.

“And wouldn’t be so much ‘fun’ in an area where people didn’t care so much.”

He put the footage on his Facebook page on Sunday and within an hour it had 6,000 views.

By yesterday afternoon that had risen to 16,000.

Sergeant Dominic Kirkley, from Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Anyone found to be using a quad bike illegally or riding one dangerously faces having their machine seized, a fine and a possible prison sentence.

“I would also ask anyone who knows of a quad bike being ridden illegally or dangerously to report the matter to police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, and we will investigate.”