Fire alarms saved a young couple and their cats after an arson attack at their Barkerend home in the early hours of this morning.

Wheelie-bins stored below a maisonette on the Pool Court estate were torched and the couple were woken by alarms at 6am.

Toxic smoke from the blazing bins was filling the building as they managed to escape with their beloved pets.

Bradford fireman using breathing apparatus tackled the burning bins then cleared the properties using anti-smoke fans, said watch commander Neil Pilling.

“It was a deliberate fire and two bins were totally destroyed,” he said.

“Fortunately the young couple were woken by fire alarms and managed to get themeselves and their cats out safely.

“We used two sets of breathing apparatus, a hose reel and ventilation fans to clear the properties.

“Smoke itself can be a killer and this just goes to show how alarms are so important in giving early warnings.

“If they hadn’t heard those alarms it could easily have been much more serious.”