A fresh planning application will have to be submitted for a controversial mansion in Bradford after a number of planning breaches came to light as the property was being built.

Residents have been battling the construction of the large house off Bradford Road and Sandringham Road, Clayton. Their suspicions that building work deviated from the approved plans were last night confirmed by Bradford Council.

Original permission for a 13-bedroom house was refused on the site, which used to house a two-bedroom bungalow.

Since then, planning records show five other sets of tweaked plans were re-submitted until the scheme with seven bedrooms, a playroom and study, a games room and a detached double garage was finally granted last summer.

But residents say building work has made their lives a misery and has forced them to make countless calls to planners, Council enforcement officers and health and safety officials since it started.

Speaking last night, Ian Horsfall, the Council’s planning manager, said: “The planning permission was for the construction of a replacement seven bedroomed dwelling and a new detached garage.

“Site visits have been carried out and the Council has identified a number of changes that were not shown on the original planning permission, granted conditionally on the 17 July 2012.

“The applicant and agent are aware of the breaches and the planning officer is currently liaising with them with the view to the submission of a new planning application that if approved would authorise the identified changes.”

Residents also claimed they have faced major disruption with builders’ vehicles blocking residents rights of way, loud music, and vibrations from some work.

But the building boss overseeing the construction work has hit back, saying that delays caused by complaints had cost him £2,000.

Geoff Coffey said: “We’ve just had building inspectors up now because residents have told them we’re putting in dormers but it’s not true.

“Residents have been parking their cars awkwardly so we can't get on to the site and they have been trying to give us instructions.”

Pam Cunningham, who lives opposite, said: “We even had a 70ft crane out in the street the other day delivering materials – this is a residential area.”

Resident Raymond Chruscht said the development should have stayed in keeping with all the other houses and added: “I’m strongly convinced in a few years’ time it will be turned into a nursing home.”

House owner Jasinder Singh could not be contacted for a comment.