Community and voluntary groups in South Craven are being invited to bid for a share of £138,000 to help meet their running costs.

Craven Council has allocated the cash over two years to support community-based organisations.

Council leader, Councillor Chris Knowles-Fitton, said: “Community and voluntary organisations play a particularly important role, with more than 700 groups currently providing a varied and diverse range of services and activities across the district.

“We are acutely aware of the huge contribution that these groups and their volunteers can make to helping improve the quality of life.

“The provision of funding to help with day-to-day running costs is one way in which we can ensure our residents and communities have access to what in some cases are vital services.”

He added: “We are also committed to working with these groups to see what opportunities are available to help them become more self-reliant and reduce their need for funding from the council, which itself is having to undergo a similar process as its own funding from central government is cut.”

Over the past three years, the council has provided £260,500 to help fund the running costs of 12 community and voluntary organisations, including Glusburn Institute.

Visit for further information and to apply for funding.

The deadline is January 26.