A two-times Liberal Democrat general election candidate in Keighley has pledged his support to Labour’s 2015 contender.

Nader Fekri, who stood for the Lib-Dems in 2005 and 2010, defected to Labour two years ago. He has visited the town to declare his backing for prospective parliamentary candidate John Grogan.

“As time went on I became increasingly angry with many of the policies of the Conservative-led coalition government – particularly concerning the National Health Service, lack of support for the vulnerable in society and student fees,” said Mr Fekri.

“These are far removed from traditional left-of-centre policies associated with Liberalism in the north of England and I decided to join the Labour party to fight for a progressive alternative.”

Mr Grogan said: “There has always been a significant Liberal vote in Keighley constituency, which Nader pushed up to nearly 15 per cent of the total in 2010 with a very energetic campaign.

"I am delighted to have his endorsement.”