Flooding on the main road between Burley-in-Wharfedale and Menston caused misery for commuters.

A combination of blocked street drains and heavy overnight rain led to the problem on a low-lying stretch of the A65 Burley Road, near Endor Crescent, yesterday.

Early traffic warnings were given out and flood signs put up, but one motorist ran into trouble after they attempted to drive through only for the engine to cut out, and their vehicle had to be winched out.

Police and firefighters attended to help as Bradford Council workers cleared the road drains, and the route was passable again by 10am.

Residents in Menston and Burley are angry that what has been a recurring flooding problem has still not been tackled, despite pleas.

Chairman of Menston Community Association, Dr Steve Ellams, said: “This has been a regular event here as the drains cannot cope. This was preventable up to a point but I have pointed out many times that all the foul water from Menston village crosses the railway line and goes towards the sewage works, down towards the Wharfe River.”

Mr Ellams’ predecessor as MCA chairman, Menston resident Alan Elsegood, agreed. He said: “I’ve been asking for those drains to be cleaned for over a year.”

Burley Parish Council said it also passed on concerns about drainage problems to the local authority.

A spokesman said: “The Parish Council regularly receives complaints about blocked gullies, particularly around Moor Lane and Station Road, and these are all passed onto Bradford Council via the hotline on (01274) 431000.”

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “The water collected due to a blocked gully. The gully had become blocked with leaves which were cleared and the water was subsequently cleared by 10am on Monday morning.

“A road sweeper has now swept the whole street so this will not happen again in the near future.”