Walkers are being helped to find their way through woods in Horsforth thanks to new signposts.

The posts, in Hunger Hills Woods, have been put up by the local Friends group, with financial support from ward councillors.

Councillor Chris Townsley said: “Councillor Brian Cleasby and I were delighted to support this group of residents in their worthwhile project.

“When people like this give their time freely in order to enhance and protect our heritage I am more than happy to financially contribute to their work.”

Councillor Cleasby said they had also previously given money to have the footpaths resurfaced.

“They were becoming boggy in parts and restricting walkers enjoyment of Hunger Hills and it`s magnificent views,” he said. “The signposts will allow residents to go walking and not get lost.

“It is pleasing when a group such as Friends of Hunger Hills feel they can ask for help and for me as a Councillor to achieve something without numerous committees being involved.”