Hungry Gareth Mansfield swept away the competition to be named Man versus Oakley’s champion eater.

Gareth was one of several men, and a few women, to take part in the Skipton grill and pizzeria’s eating challenge over the past month.

And Gareth, who polished off a pizza, onion rings and pint of thick milkshake in just over 14 minutes, was the proud winner of a Playstation 4.

Based on the American Man vs Food reality series, those taking part were set the challenge of eating huge amounts of food. It is the second year Oakleys has staged the challenge and owner Jamie Oakley said it had helped to raise £2,000 for Cancer Research UK.

“It’s been really good fun. We’re not a fine dining restaurant, we are what we are, and it’s created a really good atmosphere with everyone getting involved,” he said.