A Silsden man is the new chairman of the Poultry Club of Great Britain. Edward Boothman (pictured) had been acting chairman since last May and before that was vice-chairman for six years.

During his term at the helm he will oversee the National Poultry Show’s move from its traditional Stoneleigh home to modern, larger premises at Telford, and the updating of the breed standards book for publication in 2017.

Mr Boothman, of Howden Park Farm, is from a well-known Silsden farming family.

He gave up dairy and beef herds and latterly sheep and now concentrates on hens, about which he is passionate.

Mr Boothman started with his own Light Sussex flock while at junior school and now rears 60 different breeds, as well as 40 bantam breeds.

He is chairman of Craven Poultry Keepers Club.

Silsden has a strong tradition in the world of poultry – from the late 1800s and for much of the last century, the town ruled supreme in national shows.